WiFi Adapter Module

CreatID’s broad skillset—including CAD rendering, scope definition, engineering and manufacturing documentation—would need to be utilized solve multiple challenges.


The WiFi adapter module is an add-on component to Purkay Labs monitor for server environments. The module adds the ability to remotely monitor temperature and humidity in sensitive server farms. Originally, the monitor was developed without WiFi access for clients with heightened security concerns and with very little opportunities to ‘piggy back’ an additional component..

After uncovering the market opportunity and responding to customer feedback, Purkay Labs contacted CreatID to develop the backwards compatible module.


The project with began with an audit of the current product and components that were being used. Several 3D prototypes were rapidly deployed to test installation and fit.

In parallel, CreatID worked closely with Phyzika, the electronic engineering team on the project, to align with their requirements for battery power and circuit board space. Once the constraints and required features were understood, the product was designed around installation and usage requirements. The design’s engineering and development was optimized for manufacturing.

Using CAD rendering capabilities, cosmetic quality 3D prints for trade show presentation, testing and demonstration purposes were also constructed. CreatID also produced manufacturing documentation and installation instructions for production.

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