Projects & Innovation

The results of our client partnerships, I.E. the good stuff.

At CreatID, we handle a wide range of projects across a diverse range of industries. We deliver cutting edge solutions and innovations, because we’re restless creatives that never quit. We take great pride in partnering with our clients to exceed the expectations of their vision. Take a look at some of our latest projects and see the results for yourself.

CreatID Roost Sprinter Van Conversion

Sprinter Van Conversion

From adjustable beds and modular cabinets – to a fully-fledged van conversions and DIY product solutions business, we are pioneering new avenues of prototyping and development.
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Portable Solar Array

Ameristar Solar commissioned CreatID to design and develop its military-deployed high capacity solar generator for use in close proximity to enemy lines, transportable by standard ISO shipping container. LEARN MORE

WiFi Adapter Module

The WiFi adapter module is an add on component to Purkay Labs monitor for server environments and adds the ability to remotely monitor temperature and humidity in sensitive server farms. LEARN MORE

Chainsaw Sharpener

Oregon Chain, a division of Blount, Inc. requested a redesign of their residentially-targeted “PowerSharp” chainsaw sharpener to incorporate new technology and appeal to the commercial market. LEARN MORE

JouleCase Portable Power

JouleCase is advanced power as simple as Lego. Silent portable renewable power, Joule Case is a customizable energy system that provides the perfect mix of power and energy. LEARN MORE

Kool Shield - thermal barrier for LTL refrigerated transport

KoolShield Thermal Barrier

Kool-Pak, an LTL (Less-Than-Load) refrigerated trucking and logistics company in Portland, Oregon came to CreatID, Inc., after a driver expressed an idea that would improve Kool-Pak’s service. LEARN MORE

Bud Light Living Line

CreatID recently became the latest in a long line of small Portland companies to make a large splash in the marketing world with its contribution to the Bud Light Living Line campaign. LEARN MORE

Speaker and Audio Design

While working as a senior industrial designer for Triad Speakers, a local manufacturer of high-end custom loudspeakers, CreatID designed and developed a family of DSP subwoofer amplifiers. LEARN MORE

Medical  & Technical Carts

Medical product manufacturer Arrow International/Teleflex Incorporated enlisted Modo Technology Carts to design and produce a cart for their Transophogeal Heart Probe monitoring system. LEARN MORE