Ameristar Portable Solar Array

CreatID displays CAD design and CAD video abilities to deliver the design in a format that clearly communicates the value of the product to potential investors.


Ameristar Solar commissioned CreatID to design and develop a military-deployed high capacity solar generator for use in close proximity to enemy lines.

High capacity generator based power banks are difficult to quickly implement and maintain with diesel supply lines. A quickly deployable and transportable solar generator system was a project requirement.


Transportable by a standard ISO shipping container and preloaded onto an M1102 trailer, the fully autonomous Solar Panel Array can be deployed for use by front-line command posts, eliminating the need to rely on diesel supply lines.

CreatID constructed conceptual presentation collateral for Ameristar’s funding procurement efforts. Materials included overall CAD design, CAD mechanical proof of concept, CAD video, and detail renderings.

The CAD video renderings demonstrate the efficient and functional engineering of the solar array, operating in a simulated target environment.

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