Dennis Veatch, IDSA

Industrial designer

CreatID offers industrial design and product development for every stage of your vision. From concept to production, we design award-winning, consumer-conscious products with nothing but innovation.

CreatID is the brainchild of Dennis Veatch, a freelance industrial designer in Portland. In 2002 Dennis realized that working for someone else meant losing the close connection with the customer and the end product. He started CreatID with that focus in mind, to have contact with all aspects of the client’s engagement through every stage of the creation and development process.

Dennis’ portfolio includes design, engineering and project management for a diverse range of award-winning products in the consumer product, medical, technology cart, cutlery, tool, point-of-purchase display, and audio industries.

With nearly two decades of experience in each step of the product design lifecycle, we support your vision in-house using the best professionals and vendors in the industry. Product development starts here. Reach out today to get your industrial design project moving and bring your idea into focus.

Designer Dennis Veatch, CreatIDDennis Veatch, IDSA

CreatID’s community and partners

At CreatID, we are actively engaged in the industrial design community, and we love to give back. We’re always looking to connect with new collaborators to expand and complement our service offerings.

The brilliant vendors and partners who are part of the CreatID community work together to make the impossible possible. We are a resourceful, specialized group that will step up to any challenge.

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